Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

I can hear music ....

is our new theme for the next two weeks at 

I made a hybrid card by using a handpainted bird 
on a gessoed sheet music and set the sentiment digital.

Happy T-Day my dear friends at

as always - decaf with milkfoam from me today....

I hope you all are well .

I am still busy with our renovation and the gardening and I am trying to do even more sport.
I walk nearly 10.000 steps now every morning with the dogs and do at least one videoworkout in the afternoon do get a better shape. My weightloss trip works fabulous right now - think the extra sport makes it - so I managed two more kilos ...

I am proud to see my diagramm now in the ideal weight zone...yeah!

Montag, 23. Mai 2016

97 of 99 faces

I managed to do a quick face in Mixed Media -

97/ 99 faces shared with Show Your Face

... even though we have so much going on here,
quite now with house renovation ( the bathroom is quite completed and the new kitchen is ordered)  and moreover the wonderful weather right now with nice high temperatures
doesn't allow to be inside too long. The garden needs work as well. I am happy that everything 
starts to bloom finally. 
even the peonies - that didn't like to bloom last year as I planted them,  want to start now.

 I like those azalee - so funny that the plant has pink and white blooms at once.

I bought them as three of a kind  plants - the other two got just  pink blooms..... !

Happy new week to all!
Thank you for visiting me today!